About Us

We are Wise Move, a handy platform for finding movers and packers in the UAE. We help customers get the best movers professionals on the market and we help those professionals source and choose the jobs that work for them.

Giving customers quick access to movers

Our platform is created to help customers find the movers and packers that work for them. With vetted movers, reviewed by our users, our customers can find the moving companies and individuals that suit their budgets. All it takes is a quick job delivery request, uploaded to our platform for users to get access to the best quotes and the best professionals on the market.

Helping movers find the best jobs

It’s not just about the customers – we want to provide movers and packers with a quick way to find the jobs that match their schedules and their routes. You’ll be able to pick and choose from the most convenient work available and you’ll get reviewed for each job you take so that you can attract bigger and better customers to keep your business on the go.

What we do

We are a quick and easy online platform that brings together customers and movers on a single platform.

All customers need to do is create a job delivery request on Wise Move and we’ll connect them with the service provider that fits the requirements the best. Those providers will get to send in quotes if the job matches their route – once everything is agreed, the delivery can get on its way swiftly and hassle-free.

Since our foundation in 2017, we’ve helped countless people in need of delivery get better prices and better services with just a request on our platform.

We’re always searching for ways to make the moving process as easy as possible.

Our sustainability

At Wise Move, we’re big believers in making deliveries greener.

Prioritizing sustainability is a major part of what we do here, and to that end, we’ve signed up to the 1% For The Planet initiative, started by the founder of clothing brand Patagonia. 1% For the Planet sees companies from around the world donate 1% of their annual sales straight to local non-profits with a focus on environmental issues.

Along with that commitment, our platform means that drivers can take on Wise Move deliveries as part of backloads, which means that work sourced through our platform can completed on return journeys. This means fewer trips which results in a lower carbon footprint, reducing the extra release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Between these two factors, we’re the greenest way to complete deliveries on the market today.