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Most Pet-Friendly Communities in Dubai - Updated for 2022

Mo’ Zubair
Most Pet-Friendly Communities in Dubai  - Updated for 2022

If you’ve been reading some of our past blog posts, you already know that not all neighbourhoods in Dubai are created equal. Each of them has its pros and cons from everything like luxurious amenities to a lower cost of rent.

However, one factor to keep in mind if you’re planning to move to or within Dubai with a furry friend, is whether your new home is pet-friendly or not. While this should be no problem if you plan to live in a villa, some apartment buildings and landlords do not allow pets.

Many other factors also do affect your pet’s quality of life in a community so let's take a closer look at all that and much more in this article.

Jumeirah Lake Towers - JLT

JLT or Jumeirah Lake Towers is an ultra-modern neighbourhood in Dubai with a host of residential and apartment buildings contained within.

But the best part about JLT is the fact that most buildings are pet friendly! That’s not all, the myriad of restaurants and cafes also do welcome pets. With great views of a manmade lake and an ample amount of walking space for you and your pets, this community certainly tops the list.

Oh, and did we mention that the neighbourhood is home to a dog park as well? Your four-legged friend is certainly going to have a ball.

The Springs

The Springs is one of Dubai’s oldest and most well-known communities. It is also home to several buildings and villas that are quite pet-friendly.

In addition to the serene views and scenic walkways, The Springs also has a dedicated fenced Dog Park behind Springs 8 with tons of fun equipment included for your dog to run and play about.

However, do keep in mind that rents in The Springs are on the higher side.

International City

If you’re looking for a more affordable place to stay in Dubai, you can not go wrong with International City.

International City is one of the most, if not the most inexpensive community in Dubai. But that's not to say it’s not a good place to stay. The pet-friendly buildings, nearby pet shops, pet spas and spacious outdoors are the perfect fodder for any bachelor or family moving with dogs, cats etc.

Jumeirah Village Circle - JVC

Another great neighbourhood in Dubai with a lot of greenery, walking spaces,  parks and a community feel to go with it is Jumeirah Village Circle.

A fairly new and modern development in New Dubai, JVC is still a reasonably priced area for families with a great network of pet shops, vets, and fun things to do for your pet as well. This is certainly a pet haven in the form of a win-win situation if we ever saw one.

Downtown Dubai

Second last on our list of pet-friendly communities in Dubai is the iconic Downtown Dubai. This is a neighbourhood for pets and pet parents who enjoy the finer things in life.

With ample stunning views to enjoy for you and attractions for your furry friend to visit including the beautiful Burj Park and a host of dog-friendly cafes and restaurants; this community is a wonderland for pets of all shapes and sizes.

Arabian Ranches & Dubai Hills - For Villas

If you would like to ditch the apartment and live in a standalone home, then our last entry on this list should certainly be up your alley. Arabian Ranches and Dubai Hills are two beautiful villa communities with spacious houses that you and your pets will love.

These villas often come with spacious gardens, a host of pet shops nearby and luxurious green spaces outside as well.

Pro Tip: Visit Duck Hook situated in Dubai Hills to socialize with other dog parents. It is one of the best dog-friendly eateries in Dubai and a great place for your dog to interact with fellow canines.


If you’re anything like us, your pet is part of the family. You’d go to any extent to make them happy! Choosing to live in one of the abovementioned communities is definitely the most important step.

But it is important to remember that while some buildings may allow pets, your landlord has the right to refuse. It is perhaps best to confirm in advance if they are ok with you bringing a dog or a cat into the rented home.

Let us know if you found this list helpful in the comments below! And just like we can help with finding you the best community for your furry friends, we can also help you transport your items or furniture easily while moving - click here to find more.

That’s it from us at Wise Move for now. Until next time and as always, Choose Wisely.

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