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Best Places to Buy Second Hand Furniture in Dubai

Mo’ Zubair
Best Places to Buy Second Hand Furniture in Dubai

In our past blog posts we’ve discussed what it's like to move to and within Dubai, and the costs you're likely to encounter when moving. It’s worth noting that out of all your goods and belongings, it’s furniture that often takes up the most space.

Hauling an entire home’s furniture isn’t easy, to say the least, which is why a lot of folks choose to leave it behind. But buying new furniture for your home can be extremely expensive too, and set you back thousands of dirhams!

In the event that you don’t want to take your old furniture with you for whatever reason, and a new set of furniture is out of your budget, you can always look towards buying second-hand furniture.

Lucky for you there are several places in the city where you can find your used furniture fixed. Let's find out below the best places to buy second-hand furniture in Dubai.

Online Options

Like most new products, you can buy second-hand furniture both online and offline. The major difference is that you can only buy used furniture online from certain classified sites.


Dubizzle is the UAE and Dubai’s largest classifieds site by some margin.

With folks putting up thousands of items that they don’t need anymore for sale every day, you’ll definitely find a fair amount of second-hand furniture fit for every budget under the ‘used furniture for sale' section on the website.

Facebook Groups

Believe it or not, Dubai barely has any competition when it comes to classified sites. So your best bet after Dubizzle is to rummage through some of the city’s Facebook Groups, which are used by people to buy and sell used items including furniture.

Some noteworthy groups are:

What to keep in mind when buying second-hand furniture online in Dubai

  • Since you’re buying direct from sellers who are often departing expats looking to get rid of their things quickly, you might sometimes get a fantastic deal or even find some furniture for free!

  • You will have to arrange for transport yourself in most instances since you’re buying it directly. But don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of truck drivers on Dubizzle who offer their services freelance on a per-trip basis.

  • Most importantly, beware of scams. These are quite prevalent on online marketplaces such as Dubizzle.

Offline Options

When it comes to offline options for buying second-hand furniture in Dubai, you’ll likely be spoilt for choice. Dubai and neighbouring emirates like Sharjah and Ajman have bustling used furniture markets with several shops contained within them.

Used Furniture Market - Naif, Dubai

Tucked away in the old city, the used furniture market in Dubai stretches a few streets in the neighbourhood of Naif and Baniyas Square. This is one of the oldest, and probably the only used furniture market within Dubai (the rest are in other emirates).

Some notable names include:


Used Furniture Market - Industrial Area 6, Sharjah

Located in the neighbouring emirate Sharjah, this furniture market is made up of several warehouses lined up next to each other. This is often considered the best place to buy the most inexpensive furniture in Dubai.

Something to note though - the quality might not always be the best.

Used Furniture Market - Al Jurf 2, Ajman

Arguably the most popular second-hand furniture market in the UAE, the Ajman Used Furniture market is synonymous with great deals on a host of items such as sofa sets, bedroom furniture, dining tables and even home appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and LED TVs.

Some notable names include:


Used Furniture Stores in International City

As one of the largest communities in Dubai, International City is home to the frequent coming and going of residents. You’ll find a wide range of affordable used furniture stores selling everything from appliances to home goods that cater to these folks.

Some notable names are:

  • Alyas used furniture and electronic LLC - France Cluster 
  • Zam Zam Furniture & Electronics Trading L.L.C - England Cluster 
  • Rashed Ahmed Al Salih used Furniture Trading - France Cluster

Kefaf Al Madena - Karama

If you don’t prefer going all the way to some of the areas listed above, you can always take a trip down to Kefaf Al Madena Used Furniture trading situated in the heart of Dubai in the Karama area. They have a wide range of furniture and appliances at reasonable prices and promise home delivery as well!

What to keep in mind when buying second-hand furniture offline in Dubai

  • Furniture and home appliances might be slightly more expensive in these markets since shops will keep their markups

  • It’s perfectly fine to negotiate and make an offer that you feel is fair for any item you’d like to purchase

  • Some shops will offer to arrange transportation to your location and professional cleaning of your purchase as well, albeit at an extra cost. So this is something well worth discussing beforehand!


There you have it! A host of online and offline options to buy second-hand furniture in Dubai.

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Do keep in mind that with a little due diligence, patience, and negotiation skills, you might be able to find good used furniture in great condition without it costing you an arm and a leg.

But you will have to cover the cost of transportation in most cases, and definitely bear the cost of cleaning the used furniture before you can use it.

That’s all from us at Wise Move for this time. We hope our recommendations will help you find an absolutely amazing deal on some furniture for your home! Until next time, choose wisely.

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All Covered. No Hassle. Low-cost movers and packers expert in Dubai — book now!

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