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Moving Company Dubai Prices: What Affects Them?

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The day of your move is something that you may have been anticipating for the longest time, however, it can become troublesome if you don’t allow enough time for preparations. Aside from the burden of looking into every step of the move, other tasks include deciding the method of moving things and the purchases you have to make such as packing materials or renting a car.

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What are you moving?

Overall, the whole moving process could be a smooth ride especially when you’ve done your own research on moving company Dubai prices and engaged in important negotiations prior to the day of the move.

To also make things a bit easier for you, we’ve also listed down the factors you need to consider when asking for a rough estimate of the quotation from moving companies.

What Affects Moving Company Dubai Prices?

Distance travelled to and from the origin

One obvious factor is the distance covered by the vehicle during the transfer of your belongings. This is a big factor in the total cost of the move as this determines the possibility of having to make multiple trips just to get all your items delivered. If they do, then expect that you need to pay quite a huge sum of money. As much as possible, cut down the trips that they need to make by getting rid of the items that you no longer need. 

However, it’s clearly a different matter for moving orders that are set to happen outside of the country compared to local or interstate moves. So if you’re going to do an international move, make sure you make the most out of their services since this is much much more expensive.

As much as possible, know the differences between the prices in various areas so you can compare your options and decide which company offers the most cost-effective service.

Size, volume, and weight of the items to be moved

Remember that the bigger the space your items occupy, the fewer things the company can transport. Regardless of whether the transportation costs are still the same or not, this would still mean that they can only accommodate a few clients. As a result, they will have to compensate for such losses by imposing additional or higher fees or charges on their services.

In cases of international moves, the delivery takes into account the volume generally in the shipping costs otherwise weight is considered if they’ll have the items shipped by aircraft. For local moves, professional movers measure them using volume as well as the number of staff needed to carry out the move.

Other essential moving services like packing and lifting

Although there are moving companies that offer packing and lifting services for free, however, that’s not always the case. Do not immediately assume that they offer these services without charge, always ask if they charge extra for these services and also do a background check whether this can be proven by their previous clients. This is to avoid them from taking advantage of you being a new client.

It is also important to note that packing materials add to the possible costs you need to pay. The boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, fragile stickers, and many more materials necessary for safekeeping your items during the move are all part of the quote. But you can also choose to buy these things on your own in order to reduce the costs of hiring a moving company. Doing this will also let you know the right amount of boxes and other materials needed.

Reliable and trustworthy staff and personnel tasked to handle the move

Moving companies have trained professional movers that are competent and qualified to execute the move. Some may be tasked to do the disassembling of furniture. Others are assigned to do the loading and unloading of the items to the truck. They need to be compensated well for their labour and expertise.

The company should be able to provide the list of tasks the staff should perform that are covered in the moving services you’ve agreed to pay for. However, if they have done any labour that is not on the list, then a corresponding fee should be added. One example is packing items or hoisting furniture outside of your old house.

If you plan on relocating to Dubai and are not sure who to hire, here are some suggestions:

Top 3 Best Dubai Moving companies

  1. Alfa Movers

Planning to do a home or workplace relocation months from now? If you want a swift and convenient moving experience, Alfa Movers is ready to cater to your moving needs. You won’t have to worry about not being able to monitor the moving process 24/7 because many have already attested to the wonderful services the company provided for years. A hassle-free relocation is a guarantee when you avail of their services.

Do you need a secure warehouse facility that can store your belongings while the preparations are still ongoing? The move couldn’t be finished because of particular unexpected or unwanted factors such as sudden heavy rains or an accident. Alfa Movers has a safe storage system prepared to keep your things until everything is accomplished.

  1. Dubai Movers and Packers

Aside from being a registered legitimate moving company in Dubai, they are open to almost all kinds of home moving services. Their services are truly affordable and you can rest easy knowing that they don’t compromise the quality of the service they provide. The staff is all trained to handle every type of home relocation, regardless of the distance. Moreover, packing and storing services are also available to make the moving experience a bit smoother.

  1. Ruby Movers

Ruby Professional Movers are a known leading moving company as well as the largest in Dubai and many of their branches have spread throughout the United Arab Emirates. With 12 years of offering the best moving experiences to clients from all over the UAE, they’re unparalleled in terms of premium and calibre moving services, all while offering budget-friendly pricing. From storage to disposal, every type of moving is well-accommodated by their excellent staff.

Trusted movers and packers service in Dubai

All Covered. No Hassle. Low-cost movers and packers expert in Dubai — book now!

What are you moving?


With all the information listed above about availing of Dubai moving services, we think it’s time for you to start the necessary preparations to make the move smooth and hassle-free and avoid making delays. While doing a DIY move is tempting, save yourself from the tiring part of it by hiring professional movers.

Trusted movers and packers service in Dubai

All Covered. No Hassle. Low-cost movers and packers expert in Dubai — book now!

What are you moving?

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