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Where to Donate or Giveaway Furniture & Other Items in Dubai - The Comprehensive Guide

Mo’ Zubair
· November 25, 2022
Where to Donate or Giveaway Furniture & Other Items in Dubai - The Comprehensive Guide

If you’re moving homes or leaving Dubai for good, odds are you probably have some furniture and things you wouldn’t want to take with you. Disposing of these large items can certainly be a challenge, and what if they don’t have a resale value? 

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Worry not! In this blog post, Wise Move will list out some awesome options so that you can donate furniture & other items in Dubai. You can not only get them off of your hands but might even end up helping out someone who is in need. That’s what we call a win-win situation!

Junk Removal Companies - Offline Option

Before we get into the donations aspect of this article, let’s touch upon an intriguing offline option to get rid of your items that is both quick and effortless

Dubai has several Junk Removal and Furniture Removal companies that will reach your home in no time and haul your items away at your request. Some notable names include:

800 Junk Collection

One of the biggest USPs of 800 Junk Collection is the fact that they collect some of your unwanted items for absolutely free. This can include old couches, clothes, office/home/garden furniture, children's toys, kitchenware, exercise equipment, electronics, mobile phones, home appliances, books, bicycles, carpets and so much more!

However, for anything that classifies as waste, they do charge for removal.

Dubai Junk Removal

Another name on the list that promises to help you get rid of your household and office furniture. They claim to provide a safe and eco-friendly waste disposal experience. Getting a quote is a breeze too; simply log on to their website, enter your details and you’ll be provided with a quote in 5 minutes.

Take Our Junk

Take Our Junk claims to be the largest Junk Removal Company in Dubai. They serve just about every area in the city and also promise to arrive in 30 minutes to haul away a bunch of old stuff ensuring your peace of mind.

Before we proceed it is important to note that while the above-listed companies might be a convenient option, your items of furniture aren’t exactly ‘donated’. Whatever can be salvaged is sold second-hand.

Donate to Charity - Another Offline Option

Dubai happens to be home to a large number of charity organizations that will gladly accept your donations and forward them to someone in need. Listed below are some names where you can drop off your items:

Dar al Ber Society

With 3 locations across Jumeirah, Nad Al Hamar, and Bur Dubai, Dar al Ber Society makes it easy to donate your unwanted items. You can give away your used toys, old books, or clothes. The charity is funded by the government and was founded in 1978.

Beit Al Khair Society

Another very large and popular charity that was established in 1989 in a bid to support the most vulnerable members of society, Beit Al Khair helps families in need with your donations. They have donation boxes all over the city where you can deposit your items.

Dubai Cares

A government-led organization that supports a myriad of causes in the Emirates and across the world, Dubai Cares is a name synonymous with trust. You can donate your items here with the confidence that they will make a positive impact somewhere in the world.

Emirates Red Crescent

The UAE branch of the internationally acclaimed charity Red Crescent is a volunteer-run humanitarian organization that accepts secondhand clothes, bedding, and other goods. Your items are forwarded to support many causes such as in countries that are facing a crisis due to war.

Other notable charities in Dubai include Maria Cristina Foundation, Freecycle Network, and Al Noor Training Center for Children with Disabilities.

Online Options to Donate Furniture & other Items in Dubai

And finally, last on the list of Donation options in Dubai is the good ol’ trust classifieds site Dubizzle.

Dubizzle has the option to list items that you’d like to give away for free. Unlike other listing options on the website, this can be done for no money out of your pocket. Simply click pictures and hit upload.

 Anyone looking for an item can get in touch with you and reserve it for themselves.

One advantage of this method is the fact that the person in question has to arrange the pick-up themselves so you can not only donate your stuff in quick time but do so without paying anything!

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So there you have it, several quick, easy, and free ways to donate furniture & other items in Dubai. Whether you’re moving houses or would just like to declutter your home, giving away your stuff is a great generous way to do some good in the world. 

Just keep in mind that if you enlist the services of any of the junk removal companies mentioned at the beginning of this post, it’s not exactly going to count as charity.

That’s it from us Wise Move for this now; until next time and as always, choose wisely!