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7 Things to Know Before Renting a Property in Dubai

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7 Things to Know Before Renting a Property in Dubai

 If you’re reading this blog article, odds are you’re planning to or considering renting a property in Dubai. Whether this is your first time renting in the city, or you’re moving from one place within Dubai to another, this post is definitely going to be super helpful in many ways (we can all do with a refresher right?).

Renting a new apartment or villa is certainly a big commitment and there are a lot of factors you should take into account before narrowing down on an option. Not to forget, knowledge is power, and knowing the right things can make the whole experience a much more positive one.

So without further ado, here are 7 things you should keep in mind before signing the dotted line.

Make it all Legal - Get an Ejari

Renting a property in Dubai does have legal connotations attached to it. If you want to avoid any trouble down the line, it makes sense to get everything done the legal route! For starters, most people in Dubai enlist the services of a broker when they are looking to rent a property. This broker will usually arrange viewings and finalize the deal as per agreed terms.

Make sure you’re working with a RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) registered broker to ensure everything is done as per the book, and you don’t get overcharged for the service they provide.

Next, you’ll sign something called an EJARI, which is basically a system that regulates the contract between landlord and tenants and protects both parties. An EJARI document is mandatory in Dubai and highlights all the finer details of the tenancy agreement which can be referred to in case there is a dispute in the future.

Rental Cost is Important BUT So is Location

In one of our previous posts, we highlighted some of the best places to live in Dubai. And while you may be attracted to living in a particular location because of the lifestyle or rental costs, it’s important to take a look at things from a practical perspective.

You might want to find a rental that is closer to your workplace so that you don’t spend hours in rush hour traffic every day. Similarly, it doesn’t make sense to live far away just because it’s cheaper, since you might not have adequate access to public transport, and the cost of commuting with your car can add up pretty quickly (hello rising fuel prices!).

Pick the Right Building or Area

While Dubai might be a pretty safe place anyway, it’s still a wise idea to pick a building or area (if you’re renting a Villa), that puts your mind at ease. This might be a family-oriented building with fewer bachelors (yes, this is a thing in Dubai), or a lively neighbourhood itself.

But remember not to pick a very lively neighbourhood with lots of clubs nearby, or a building close to an up-and-coming construction site, for you might end up having your fair share of sleepless nights!

What Utilities are Included?

In most buildings in Dubai, you will be expected to pay for utilities such as electricity and WI-FI. This is the norm unless you’re renting a furnished apartment.

However, some buildings do offer the option of a ‘chiller-free’ property. What this means is that the cost of Air Conditioning is covered by the building and subtracted from your electricity cost each month. As you can imagine, and since AC is likely to be a major part of your bill, you can end up saving a lot, especially during the summer months.

Other utilities such as parking, gym, and swimming pools are dependent on where you choose to rent. For example, many buildings in older parts of Dubai do not have an underground or outside car park, and you will have to pay extra for public parking every month if you own a vehicle. Bummer!

Who Pays Maintenance?

On top of the rent, most apartment buildings charge a fixed maintenance amount per year. This cost is covered by the landlord in most cases. However, in addition to the maintenance, there is also the question of expenses resulting from regular wear and tear.

The usual way this is settled is that repair costs of up to AED 500 are borne by the tenant, while repair costs of AED 500 and above are handled by the landlord. This clause should be added to the earlier mentioned EJARI document.

Know your Rights and Get to Know the Landlord

The RERA agent acts like a middleman during the whole renting process, and during the course of the year, you can communicate with the landlord via the said agent. Keep in mind that many agents normally charge a recurring commission every year. However, having said that, it doesn’t hurt to get to know the landlord yourself and develop a human relationship.

You do have rights as a tenant such as being given a one-year notice for evictions and a 3-month notice for rent increase towards the end of the year (in accordance with the RERA index which monitors rental prices), among others. It's best to be at one with these legalities so that you don’t end up being on the wrong side of things when push comes to shove.

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Arrange for Transport of Your Goods

If you’re moving from within Dubai, you will most likely need transport to haul your goods and furniture to your new apartment or villa. While there are several options available on the market, it’s best to enlist the services of verified professionals for a safe and smooth experience.

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So there you have it, folks! 7 things you should definitely keep in mind when choosing a new place to rent in Dubai. There are several websites such as Dubizzle and Property Finder UAE, to name a few, where you can browse the different options available to you.

If you have any further questions let us know in the comments below, and if you need movers and packers in Dubai, we’ve certainly got you covered with our intuitive platform.

That’s it from us at Wise Move for this time around. Until the next blog post, and as always, choose wisely!

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