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Top Reasons Why Do People Use Self Storage in the UAE

Top Reasons Why Do People Use Self Storage in the UAE

Nowadays, a lot of people are working in the comfort of their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, people have more time to stay at home which means they can take notice of all things in their surroundings such as piles of books and magazines, furniture that is not frequently used or even seasonal items. All this clutter can cause distraction, so it’s a great idea to start getting rid of it. Who wouldn’t want to get organized and put everything in our lives in order? Thus decluttering your home is a start.

Thinking of where you can store those items to maximize your space at home? One of the most popular choices when it comes to storing your personal belongings is a self-storage unit. That’s one of the reasons why the use of storage units is becoming popular. But aside from that, there are also some other reasons why people use self-storage in the UAE. Check out these top reasons for a better understanding. 

1. Renovating the existing home

Getting a self-storage unit is great if you are planning for a home renovation. This will serve as your temporary storage and secure shelter of your furniture, carpets, and other appliances to avoid any damage, dust, debris and even paint spill while your home is under renovation. This way, remodelling your house walls, painting your new walls, adding a room to your home, or even reconstructing your leaky roofs would be easier since you won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings.

Once the renovations and remodelling are completed, you can just bring your belongings back home from the storage unit. You will also have the chance to re-plan the arrangement of each of your furniture and appliances if you want to be more creative, instead of putting them back to their original position. If this is what you want to do, it’s better to plan it before your movers Dubai or movers Abu Dhabi return your belongings to your renovated home, so you just have to instruct them where your pieces of furniture should go. 

2. Moving to a new home

Moving to a new home includes a lot of processes that sometimes are impossible to accomplish in just a day especially if you own a lot of stuff. Potential issues may even occur that will cause you to leave your present home earlier though your new living space is not yet ready. In this kind of situation, you have several options. One of these is to live with your friends or relatives in the meantime. However, this might cause you a headache since they may not have extra space for your belongings as they have their own belongings too.

Another option is getting a storage unit to store your items while you are waiting for your new home to be available. This will give you a sense of security that your items are protected in the storage facility. Before moving, inform your movers and packers Dubai about your plan for storing your belongings as they might offer a storage unit.

3. Changing the family setup

Additional space is necessary especially if you are a couple and are planning to have kids. A growing family also means growing living space. You certainly need additional room to store your kids’ items such as toys, books and other of their personal possessions. On the other side of the coin, if your children are all grown up and are leaving, maybe for school or work, you have the option to store their personal items in a storage facility for you to be able to use the extra room at home.

Regardless of the reason, if your family’s setup is changing, having a storage unit is a terrific way to gain extra space to keep all items organized.

4. Securing a place for vehicles or equipment

If you own a small business or are just an individual who owns some seasonal items such as gardening tools, ski equipment, camping gear and seasonal decorations, having a self-storage unit can help you big time. This will save your space at home and will also make your home more organized. The great thing about using a storage unit is you can avoid any damage to your sets of equipment during the time they are not in active service.

If you have a motorcycle, car, or boat that you don’t need to use for a time span, storing them in a storage facility can help you to protect them from environmental elements that may cause damage. Just be sure to check the terms and conditions of storing certain kinds of vehicles on the unit to avoid any issues.

5. Travelling frequently

More and more people are now travelling for different kinds of reasons. It could be because of a business trip or a personal one. Whatever purpose you have, it is recommended to store all important items and files in a storage unit.

This is more advisable for people who will be leaving for a couple of weeks or months without anyone at their homes. There may be possible inevitable issues like fire or even a break in which may jeopardize those valuable files of items. It’s better to have all those important belongings in a storage unit to keep them secure while you are away.

6. Running out of space

Another reason why people are using self-storage units is for additional space. There are some people who are already content with their current living space but unable to store all their items. The increase in the prices of living spaces at present time makes getting bigger living areas unaffordable for some and others don’t have a choice but to transfer to smaller living areas. Getting storage units to store their extra furniture is the best option since it is cheaper.

Storage facilities have a lot of purposes. Whatever reason you have in getting one, you have the freedom to organise all your items, secure all important files and belongings and have the capability to store or take your belongings whenever you like or need them.

However, if you own heavy and large furniture and appliances, moving them in and out of your storage unit can be a big challenge. 

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Trusted movers and packers service in Dubai and anywhere in the UAE

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