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How to Move Large Items with Ease According to Movers in Dubai

How to Move Large Items with Ease According to Movers in Dubai

It is always a big challenge to move heavy and large items unless you are an expert. This involves a lot of physical labour which can be very complicated if you are doing it yourself. There is a big chance that you will damage your precious belongings or even inflict an injury on yourself. Thus, proper precautions are needed to do this task correctly. But since you are reading this article, you are certainly not an expert with moving large items. (smiles)

When you decide to move your large items out of your house, apartment or even storage, you can hire movers and packers in Dubai or just do it yourself. If you decide to be hands-on with your move, here are a few tips for you to move your large items with ease and success. 

1. Evaluating and creating a plan 

Before the demanding labour of the move, evaluate all your belongings first and create your plan. As much as possible, make an inventory list of the things you will be moving, particularly the heavy and large items. If you will be moving your items by yourself, this will give you an idea of what to do and you can plan on how to load and unload them on the moving truck.

Furthermore, to avoid any unforeseen damages and issues for your big and heavy items, make sure to check and measure the path to and from your moving truck or van. If you will be hiring movers in Dubai, inform them of this so they are ready.

Planning at least a few months in advance should be done. This way, you can calculate moving expenses and will give you time to save money and to have enough budget for the move. A plan will save you time and effort and the possible issues and most especially with money.

2. Disassembling the items

Your job will be much easier if you disassemble large and heavy items. Of course, only those items can be dismantled. This will certainly lessen the burden of lifting your valuable items. Remember to remove all pieces that can be removed such as cushions, drawers, also bed frames, etc. to make your belongings lighter.

On the other hand, for large and heavy items that cannot be disassembled, you should protect them and secure them properly to avoid any possible damage. Also, if you are moving it yourself, you need to do the proper way of lifting to avoid any injuries to yourself.

3. Obtaining the correct moving equipment

If you are thinking of a way to move your large and heavy pieces with ease, you should gather the correct moving equipment. These tools are made to make tasks like moving belongings simpler and more efficient. Be sure to obtain these tools before the moving day.

If you decide to hire movers in Dubai, you don’t need to gather these tools, as they can provide them. However, if you are a DIY mover, you might consider renting these tools if you will be using them only once. But if you are planning to keep the tools as you will be needing them in the future, you can easily purchase these items in hardware stores or home depots. 

Now, if you are undecided and wondering what tools you should have, here are some must-have equipment before your move.

  • Lifting straps
  • Moving blankets
  • Moving dollies
  • Sliders
  • Stair rollers

4. Using the right lifting techniques

Hiring local movers in Dubai, if you are situated in or near the area, will remove your need to use the right lifting techniques. Surely, your movers will be the ones doing all the physical labour such as lifting and shifting your large and heavy belongings. Nevertheless, if you want to do a DIY move, this step is crucial. For sure, no one wants to move into a new home with injuries. 

When moving and lifting heavy and big items, you need to take note that you need to use your legs and not your back muscles. Thus, bending your knees with your back straight and using the power of your lower limbs should be done. Keep the large and heavy items close to your body and make sure your eyes are in front of you to avoid any distractions.

5. Hiring reliable movers and packers in Dubai

Wanting to avoid the hassle of moving large and heavy items and to save time? You can do this by hiring reliable and professional movers and packers. This will definitely give you an option to get enough men that will help you and you won’t need to worry about the right moving and packing equipment since they will have their own. You can just sit, relax, and watch them do all the moving of your large and heavy belongings.

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After hiring trusted movers to assist you with your move, you will be at ease that no harm will be done as you move your large and heavy items.

Trusted movers and packers service in Dubai

All Covered. No Hassle. Low-cost movers and packers expert in Dubai — book now!

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