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Tips on How to Properly Move Your Piano

Tips on How to Properly Move Your Piano

The piano is one of the most popular and expensive musical instruments in the world. It not only symbolizes luxury and wealth but also has a great role in every home by bringing together friends and families with the power of music. Learning how to play the piano has a lot of advantages as well. Some people who have learned to play the piano considered it the easiest instrument to play since you just need to press the keys for it to produce a beautiful melody. However, it is the exact opposite if you are planning to move one as pianos are awkwardly shaped, heavy, and fragile furniture which requires a lot of time and effort.

You have two options if you decide to move a piano from one place to another. You can either hire professional movers in Dubai or you can do it yourself. If you are determined to have a DIY piano move but don’t have any idea how to do so, here are some tips on how to properly move your piano. 

1. Obtaining Measurements and Clear Paths

Obtaining the correct measurements of your piano and the path you will be moving it along is necessary. Be sure to measure the staircases, hallways and even doorways. Aside from that, you also need to obtain measurements of the new space you will be placing the piano in if you want it to fit seamlessly.

In addition, whether you do it yourself or hire movers and packers Dubai for your piano move, clearing the paths by removing all decorations and possible obstructions is vital for a safer and easier move. This way, you or your piano movers won’t be stuck on the staircases because of some hindrances on their way out. This will also avoid possible risks not only to the piano but also to you and to anyone who will be moving the piano.

2. Acquiring the Right Equipment

Other than the measurements, acquiring the right equipment is essential. This is to make sure that the piano, together with the piano movers will be safe during the moving process. There are several possible risks you may encounter such as dented railing, scratched furniture, pulled muscles or even smashed toes and fingers which you can prevent with the right equipment and the correct ways how to manoeuvre the piano around the home.

You may want to consider getting the right equipment before you start your piano move. These are available at hardware or even convenience stores. For some items, you also have the option to borrow or rent them. Here is a list of the following equipment.

  • Work gloves
  • Moving straps
  • Dolly straps
  • Weightlifting straps
  • Heavy-duty tape
  • Moving blanket/pads
  • Four-wheel dolly
  • Ramp

3. Asking for help from friends or families

The right number of people to move the piano is also required. If you are not planning to hire movers Abu Dhabi or movers Sharjah, this is a great time to ask friends or relatives for help. Make sure that they are physically fit and if possible, have moving experiences. Remind them to wear proper moving clothing for a safe and comfortable move. The number of people needed will depend on the size and the complexity of the move. However, a typical piano move usually requires a minimum of 4 people. This is composed of 2 or 3 people to do the heavy lifting of the piano while the others may guide them to and from the moving truck. 

4. Protecting the Piano

Protecting the piano before the move is needed to avoid any damage to it. Before you start, make sure to identify what type of piano you have. It may be a grand or an upright piano. There is a minor difference between the two. You have an option to disassemble the legs and pedals of a grand piano while the upright piano remains intact.

For both types of pianos, securing the keys is critical. Make sure to put the lid down over the keyboard and lock it into place. If it doesn’t have a lock, just wrap the lid in a way that it should always be closed shut. If you are planning to use tapes, kindly refrain from doing so. Why? Direct contact of tapes with your piano can cause damage to it so better avoid it.

Now, for the whole piano body, keep in mind to secure them, especially the corners. As mentioned above, the legs and pedals of a grand piano can be disassembled, so the body can be separately wrapped with moving blankets or paddings. Make sure to prevent the side of your piano from hitting the ground once the legs are removed. Keep in mind that the blankets and paddings you will be using to wrap your piano are thick enough to protect you from any bumps, dents or even scratches. Once wrapped, secure them with heavy-duty tapes.

5. Moving the Piano

When you have securely wrapped your piano, you can now move the piano carefully to the moving dolly. If you are thinking of setting the piano on its side, you need to think twice as you need to consider its inner mechanics. If possible, keep the piano in an upright position at all times. If you are not sure that this task is attainable for you, asking for help from the best movers in Dubai is an option.

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Now, secure the piano with dolly straps or ropes once you already positioned it on the centre of the dolly and move slowly along the cleared path. Moving in down a staircase will require a ramp so better prepare beforehand. This ramp will lead the dolly downwards. Finally, when you load your piano onto the moving truck, just push it up to the moving truck ramp and secure it against the back wall with moving straps. Just repeat the steps once you arrive at your destination but of course in a reserved pattern.

A DIY piano move requires a lot of hard work and preparation to make sure that your piano is safe during the process as well as the people moving it. However, if you still feel unsure about moving a piano on your own because of some safety risks, the best option is to seek help from trusted and professional piano movers of Wise Move . You are sure that they are experienced and fully equipped to do the job for you. Making your piano move safer and more convenient as possible.

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