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Is it Better to Ship Furniture or Buy New When Moving?

Is it Better to Ship Furniture or Buy New When Moving?

Deciding the fate of the pieces of furniture you have before your move could be a real challenge. You will be torn between moving old pieces of your furniture or buying new ones. You can’t just answer this with a yes or no since you need to think and consider a lot of things before deciding. If you don’t want to make regrettable decisions during your home move, here are some of the factors you might want to consider. This way, you can weigh things and make the right choice.

1. Sentimental / Personal Value 

Moving to a new home indicates a new beginning for most people. Thus, people believe that doing a complete makeover not only for themselves but also for their new homes is a must. If you are one of the people considering replacing your old pieces of furniture during your move, you still need to think about the furniture that has a special place in your heart. This includes a family heirloom or any furniture in which you have precious memories. Items with sentimental or personal value to you are just hard to leave behind.

Bringing these pieces of furniture with sentimental or personal value to your new home, however, has some concerns. It could be that you don’t have enough space for the furniture to fit in your new home or it is because it is too expensive. But leaving them or selling the pieces of furniture can be difficult for you.

The best idea you can do is to reach out to a close friend or a relative and offer them the furniture. This way, you will have the peace of mind that your beloved pieces of furniture are taken good care of and you still have a chance of seeing them again.

2. Cost of Furniture

Owning some high-quality, expensive kinds of furniture will indeed last for a long time. These belongings are worthy to be shipped to your new home. But, aside from considering the price of the items, you also need to weigh some factors such as what will make you happy in your new home and if the design fits your new home. This way, you can avoid possible issues and will give you a positive outcome in your new home.

3. Cost of Transportation

If you are moving to a faraway city, you need to consider the cost of transporting your belongings.  You need to evaluate the distance from your former home to your new home and how much money you will be spending on the shipping cost versus the cost of buying new ones. You can ask for some quotes from movers in Dubai or movers in Abu Dhabi to evaluate it correctly.

On the other hand, if you are just moving locally over a short distance, you can reconsider transporting pieces of furniture you think are worthy to be in your new home. You will be paying a reasonable cost of transportation which is perfectly fine.

4. Complexity of Task

Some pieces of furniture are designed in a complicated and bulky manner. For this reason, you will need to allow some time to disassemble and reassemble the furniture for easier loading and unloading. The worse situation is when some furniture can’t be disassembled which will certainly add struggle for your move. Having no knowledge of disassembling or reassembling your furniture can have possible risks to them such as damage to the items which will add extra cost for you. 

Additionally, the size of the moving truck is another factor you need to check especially if the pieces of furniture you are planning to ship occupy a lot of space in the truck. You may not have enough room for your other belongings if you will be bringing large and awkwardly shaped pieces of furniture to your new home. Finally, you need to take into consideration the physical labour and effort of you and your packers and movers when moving the furniture. Therefore, buying new pieces of furniture may be a great option for this matter.

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