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6 Useful Hacks in Moving Your Washer and Dryer Easily

6 Useful Hacks in Moving Your Washer and Dryer Easily

When it comes to moving, one of the heaviest and most awkward to transfer is your washing machine and dryer. Aside from its weight, you also need to consider its height. Take note that the procedure of moving them requires a lot of attention to follow the safety instructions to avoid any tragedy.

However, if you think involving services from professional movers and packers Dubai will cost you an arm and a leg, don’t forget that moving it yourself may also cause damage to your appliances and will surely cost you more. 

If you are determined to do it yourself, here are some useful hacks you might want to check out to make your transfer much easier and safer.

1. EMPTY IT! Make sure that when you transfer your washer, it is emptied from all that extra heaviness and 'that extra powerful' smell.

One good idea to follow when transferring your washing machine and dryer is to give it a good clean. The best way to clean it is to use a combination of bleach and white vinegar to provide optimum cleansing. Then, run it in an empty wash on its warmest cycle, open the hatch, and leave it overnight to dry.

2. TURN IT OFF AND UNPLUG! Make everything safer by turning off the water and power supply connected to the washer and dryer.

Now that we are done cleaning, you may now turn off the water supply first. Find the water supply valve and turn it clockwise to shut it off. Your laundry machine may have 1 or 2 water hoses, depending upon whether the water can be heated in the machine or not. You can use pliers or slip-joint pliers, specifically, to detach these hoses. Then, finally, unplug the washer from the electricity.


To eliminate the risk of damaging your laundry appliance, you must use these very helpful transit bolts when moving. You can look over your installation manual to help you with this step. Once the transfer is successful, never forget to remove these bolts before rendering your first wash.

4. KEEP IT UPRIGHT, DUDE! Never recumbent or else...

When you have successfully transferred your washing machine and dryer into the vehicle, make sure to keep it upright during the transport. Avoid it from getting bumped between edges or from falling into a recumbent position. Make sure to tie the machine securely before going. Make sure to limit possible movements to maximize diligent care.

5. ATTACH, ATTACH, ATTACH! Attach everything that should be attached.

From hooking up the gas line to attaching the exhaust hose to the exhaust pipe, everything needs to be attached and plugged correctly. In this last hack comes the reconnection process. Here, the transfer was successfully completed. This hack is ultimately opposed to the third hack. In this process, it attaches everything to be attached back to make it work again, unlike the third hack which is about ensuring that everything has been plugged out and not working mean-time.

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6. HIRE MOVERS! Wanna skip all these tips and hacks? Then free yourself and hire a mover instead.

Most of the time, as much as you make yourself more entitled to the things you read online, you still can't guarantee an 80% accuracy to your transfer. Sometimes, what we need is just a little backup from experts which provides 100% fail-proof. If you're located somewhere in Dubai, you can opt to contact one of the best professional movers and packers in Dubai. You can directly check Wise Move to easily reach the best movers packers in Dubai, movers in Abu Dhabi, and movers in Sharjah.