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Things to do Before Packers and Movers UAE Arrive

Things to do Before Packers and Movers UAE Arrive

Nowadays, people are aware of how tough a home move is. There are plenty of things to prepare for a home move which can be trickier if you don’t have enough knowledge about the moving process. Additionally, for people who don’t have enough time to prepare, a home move is a nightmare. For this reason, most people in the UAE are getting help from packers and movers.

Hiring movers and packers Dubai or movers and packers Sharjah, wherever you are, will help you lessen your stress and make your move smooth and more convenient. But of course, there are still things you need to do, prepare and do before your movers and packers arrive. We have gathered these simple tips for you to have a smooth and successful home move. 

1. Securing your valuable items (small electronics, jewellery, etc.) 

Hiring packers and movers will surely lessen the time you need to do the packing. But before they arrive to start packing your belongings, it is highly suggested by most companies to secure all of your valuable items by yourself such as cash, jewellery, small electronics and important documents. Don’t forget to label these boxes properly to avoid mixing your fragile and valuable items with other boxes. Doing it yourself will make sure no valuable things will be lost during the moving process.

On the other hand, if you don’t have time and will depend on all of the packing from your packers and movers, you should have insurance for your valuable items. But remember, processing the claim will surely use a lot of your time to get important documents again. Thus, it is highly suggested to secure and move valuable and important belongings by yourself.

2. Making an inventory list of your belongings

Creating a detailed inventory list is necessary to keep track of all the things you will be moving. You can start listing the belongings you have in each room. This way, it will be easy for you to identify and inform your packers and movers of what items needed to be packed carefully and it will be easy for you to identify what things got lost during the move.

Taking photos of your belongings would also be helpful. If items get lost or damages occur in the hands of your movers, it will be easy for you to check the photos of each item in each room and at the same time, you can see the condition of your belongings before the move. This will serve as your proof which will make it easier for you to file a claim with your movers or insurance company.

3. Locating where movers can park their truck

Before the moving day, you should already locate where your movers can park their truck. If you have a garage, make sure to clear it out and if you have shared driveways with a neighbour. Inform them and ask their permission to use the driveway. This will make it easy for you to clear the driveway of any vehicle. If you live in an apartment, enquire with your property manager about the requirements you need to get for you to secure a spot for your movers and packers.

4. Clearing the pathways inside your home

Once you are able to secure the spot for your movers to pack, the next step is to clear the pathways inside your homes such as your hallways, floors and stairs. Free them from any hindrances like baby gates, rolled-up rugs and any other mess on the floor. This will help your movers shift your belongings, furniture and even boxes easier and faster since they are not avoiding any mess on the floor and most especially, to avoid your movers in Dubai to stumble which may cause damage to your valuable items and worst injuries to your movers.

5. Keeping small children or pets out of the way

If you have kids or pets and you are planning to do a home move, remember that your home during the moving day is not a suitable place for small children or pets to be strolling around. Your movers may get distracted which may cause delays or even accidents. For this reason, you need to enlist someone to keep an eye on and take care of your kids or pets during the big day. You can ask some friends or a family member to watch them over or if possible, hire a babysitter/pet sitter.

6. Protecting your home

Another thing you need to take note of is to protect your home from any damage. The floor is easily the most vulnerable part of a home when moving. Thus, before your movers arrive, you can cover your carpet and hardwood floors with a tarp, blankets or even plastic film. These can be easily installed and will also prevent you and your movers from slipping. Making your home protected and at the same time avoiding any injuries.

7. Preparing some drinks and food for you and your movers

Everyone knows that lifting heavy furniture, boxes and other belongings is an exhausting task. You can avoid this task since you will be getting help from movers. To show your appreciation to your movers, give them something to fuel them up on your moving day. You can prepare some snacks like sandwiches, chips, pretzels, and some bottled water. But be sure to prepare enough for them and for your family members as the moving day will be busy.

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Hiring packers and movers is one of the ways for you to have a successful move but your cooperation is also needed. Thus, you need to remember to do the tips above before your movers arrive to avoid any misunderstanding, delays and accidents from happening on a moving day.

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Trusted movers and packers service in Dubai anywhere in the UAE

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