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Tips on Moving Heavy Furniture Without Damaging Floors

Tips on Moving Heavy Furniture Without Damaging Floors

Almost anyone who has experienced moving to a new home can attest that a home move is truly a tricky task, especially if you own several large and heavy pieces of furniture. It is much more challenging if you will do it by yourself. There are possibilities you may harm yourself such as your back during the course which you surely want to avoid. Aside from that, there is also a risk of damaging not just the heavy furniture being moved, but also the floors of your home, both old and new. Regardless of what they are made of, floors are very vulnerable to damage during a move. 

Dragging of heavy and large furniture or accidentally dropping it off, can cause your tile floor to break and may leave large dents, scratch marks on your hardwood floor and even rips or tears in your carpet. These are some examples of unfortunate events that may happen if you don’t have enough knowledge to move large and heavy furniture. You may want to consider hiring packers and movers in UAE to lessen your burden. If not, here are some effective and safe ways of doing it the right way. 

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What are you moving?
What are you moving?
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1. Disassembling your furniture (if possible)

Moving heavy and big furniture would be much more difficult if you are moving them as is. Therefore, disassembling each piece of furniture if possible is necessary to lighten and make your move easier. With a lighter weight of the furniture to carry, you reduce the strain of your body when moving each piece of furniture, which means a lesser possibility of dropping it. You also won’t need to drag heavy furniture like your favourite desk or your valuable dressing table. Since it’s lighter, it is more possible to carry it rather than dragging, so as to avoid scratches to your floors.

If you don’t have any idea on how to disassemble your luxurious and heavy furniture, you can get some assistance from experts or if you are planning to hire a mover and packers Dubai, movers or packers Sharjah or even movers Abu Dhabi, wherever you are, you can ask them to help you with dismantling the furniture. They have knowledge of what to do and you are sure that they can avoid damaging any parts of your home such as walls and especially floors. But don’t forget to inform them in advance so they can bring the necessary tools. 

2. Cleaning your floors and paths

Cleaning is necessary for every move. Whether you are moving only a few of your heavy and large pieces of furniture or moving every piece of furniture you have, you need to keep in mind that everything should be off your floors. Make time to sweep and mop the floors to remove gravel and grit which can cause scratches and other damages on the floor during the move. Clearing your paths will help you or your movers avoid tripping or bumping into things, which may cause the sudden dropping of your items. This will not only damage your items, but you and your movers can also get hurt.

3. Having a moving dolly

Moving dolly is a great tool that can be of great help when moving large and heavy furniture.  This will simplify the process of the move. Moving dollies come in various shapes and designs which allow you to move any type of heavy and large furniture. Remember to choose the appropriate moving dolly and choose the one with rubber wheels. Always check if the rubber tires are clean before using, if not, clean them. This way, you will avoid any scratches on your floor.

You can buy your own or rent one if you don’t have a moving dolly. You need to weigh things first before deciding. If you will be moving frequently, it’s a good investment to purchase your own moving dolly. But if you will just be using it one time and you do not have a space to store it after using it, you can just rent one. Movers usually rent out their moving dollies for a reasonable price so you can check some of the moving companies in your area.

4. Having moving blankets

Aside from moving dollies, having moving blankets is also a big help to move heavy and large furniture without damaging the floors. This will provide maximum protection not only to the floors but also to your furniture as they are padded. If you will be using moving blankets, all you need to do is lift the heavy furniture, slide the moving blanket underneath and wrap the furniture. This will be a double advantage since you can prevent any damages on your floors at the same time, avoid any dents to the walls or even the furniture itself. This will make you easily shift furniture out of your home.

Moving blankets are also very useful to protect your valuable furniture while they are in transit, especially long-distance moves like moving to a different emirate. You can buy moving blankets since you can reuse them if you will be moving again but if you are on a tight budget, you can use some alternatives such as cardboards or even old towels.

5. Doing the proper way of lifting

Lifting - this part is the real challenge. To avoid damaging the floors and hurting yourself, keep in mind that you need to move heavy and large furniture carefully and slowly. If you are planning to have a DIY move, here are some ways to have a correct way of lifting furniture as advised by professional movers and packers in UAE.

Make sure to lift the weight with your legs and not your back muscles. Use the force of your lower limbs to lift big and heavy furniture. You need to bend on your knees and maintain your back in a straight position. Remember to keep the furniture near to your body and keep your eyes in front of you to avoid being distracted. As mentioned earlier, do it as carefully and slowly as possible.

 6. Asking for help

If you are thinking you can move heavy furniture with just yourself since you all have the necessary equipment, you need to think twice.  As revealed above, there are a lot of possible complications you may encounter. You may damage or even scratch your precious furniture and floors or worse, some personal injuries. For you and your furniture’s safety, it is best to ask help from fit and strong friends or your close neighbours for help.

Moving your beloved heavy and large furniture without damaging your cherished floors is a challenging task but following these steps, it can make a great difference. But if you are in doubt and want to avoid mistakes, hiring professional movers is your best option. Reach a large network of trusted and reliable packers and movers in the UAE through Wise Move . This platform will help you find movers and packers Dubai, Sharjah and any other movers and packers in UAE that have vast experience with any type of move. This is a wise way of keeping your furniture and your floors without damage and reducing your stress during your move.