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18 Traffic Fines in Dubai You Should Know About [Updated List for 2023]

18 Traffic Fines in Dubai You Should Know About [Updated List for 2023]

Driving in Dubai or the UAE, for the most part, is a smooth experience. You’ll rarely find blatant disregard for rules, even though road rage is a common side effect of rush hour traffic.

Compared to many other countries, you can expect safe roads and motorists who follow the regulations to the T. One of the major reasons for this is the astronomical fines that are associated with misdemeanours. In addition to the money out of pocket, violators are also subjected to black points.

Collect enough black points and your driving license can be taken away and your car impounded.

In this article, we will take a look into the common traffic fines in Dubai and how much each can set you back.

Without further ado, let's get into it.

Speeding Fines

Most traffic fines in Dubai are issued for speeding. If you exceed the speeding limit by 10-30 KMs, you are subjected to a steep fine of 600 AED.

The amount increases in relation to the speed increase. Exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than 60km/h attracts a fine of AED 1500, 12 black points, and 30 days of vehicle impound. Exceeding the speed limit by 80 km/h will cost you AED 2000, similar black points, and vehicle confiscation.

As you might imagine, different roads in Dubai have different speed limits. Make sure you are always alert when driving on the highway or within the city, as the limits are clearly mentioned wherever you go.

Driving without Number Plates, Insurance, or an Expired License

Driving without a number plate and expired insurance or license is strictly forbidden in Dubai. If you are caught driving without a number plate, you can be fined to the tune of AED 3000, 23 black points, and have your vehicle impounded for 90 days. Driving with one number plate or an unclear number plate will cost you AED 400.

Driving with an expired license or no insurance will set you back AED 500, 4 Black points, and land your vehicle in impound for a week.

Driving in a Way that Causes Harm or Disturbs other Motorists

Part of being a responsible driver is ensuring others' lives are not at risk, nor are they disturbed by your actions.

Driving in a way that poses a danger to your safety or the safety of others attracts a fine of AED 3000, 23 black points, and 60 days of vehicle impound.

If you are found blocking the way for other vehicles, you can be fined AED 1000 and 4 black points. Non-judicious use of your horn will also set you back AD 400 & 4 black points.

Use of Lights

Proper use of your vehicle's lights is an essential part of your safety on the road as well as protecting other motorists. So it should come as no surprise that there are fines associated with these violations as well.

Not using your lights while driving at night or during adverse weather conditions like fog is subject to a fine of AED 500 & 4 black points.

Similarly, if your lights are in bad condition, you can be fined AED 400 and 6 black points.

Jumping Red Lights, Seatbelt Usage, & Talking on the Phone

One of the biggest causes of motor accidents is distraction on the driver's part. Being on your phone while driving or eating and drinking while driving can lead to jumping a red light or stop sign.

When the driver is distracted, they can also forget to put on their seatbelt leading to life-threatening injuries when a collision happens.

All of the above are strictly forbidden in Dubai and carry hefty fines. Jumping a red light will cost you AED 1000, 12 black points, and you can expect to have your vehicle for 30 days. Using your phone while driving carries a fine of AED 800 and 4 block points.

And finally, failure to fasten your seatbelt while driving will set you back AED 400 and 4 black points.

Parking Fines

The last category of fines we will talk about in this list is parking fines. The most common parking fine is for parking your vehicle without paying for it. This will set you back AED 150 (still reasonable compared to the other entries on this list!).

However, parking in a way that causes disturbance to other folks carries a bigger fine of AED 500, while parking in a disabled spot or in front of a fire hydrant attracts a deserved fine of AED 1000.

Other Miscellaneous Fines

  • Not giving way to pedestrians - AED 500 Fine & 4 Black Points
  • Driving a noisy vehicle - AED 2000 Fine & 12 Black Points
  • Sudden Swerving - AED 1000 Fine & 4 Black Points
  • Reversing Dangerously - AED 500 Fine & 4 Black Points
  • Turning in the Wrong Way or from an Undesignated Area - AED 500 Fine & 4 Black Points

How many Black Points are allowed in Dubai before you lose your license?

You are allowed to accumulate 24 black points in Dubai before your license is confiscated for three or six months.

The only way to get your driving license back is to enrol and attend a rehabilitation course at a driving school where you will be re-educated about driving ethics.

What are the Driving Violations that Carry a Penalty of 23 Black Points?

Very serious offences such as driving in a way that poses a danger to the driver's life or other lives, driving in a way that harms public or private properties, and driving under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances carry a penalty of 23 black points.

In such cases, the fine amount is usually decided by the court.

Driving a vehicle without number plates is another traffic violation that will cost you 23 black points.


So there you have it, a list of common traffic fines in Dubai that you can be subjected to if you are not careful. This is by no means an exhaustive list, as there are nearly 140 fines associated with unsafe road behaviour in Dubai.

While some might think the fines are quite significant in terms of monetary value, it can be argued that these steps are necessary to keep the roads of the city safe while preserving the lives of its motorists and citizens.

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